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DEI Fundamentals

Welcome to learn about the fundamentals of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)! In this course, we’ll cover the concepts of DEI in organizations, explore the business and people case of DEI, and equip you to better develop inclusion in your work environment. 
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:  1 hour 
  • Course builders: deidei
  • Learners: All employees
Interested in Fundamentals of DEI course for your organization? Reach out to your deidei contact person or priyanka@deidei.co

DEI Fundamentals Learning Objectives

After completing the course, the participant...
Remembers what the concepts of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion stand for in working life
Understands why DEI is important for both people and business
Develops ways to create more inclusive work environments

How does this course help you drive real-life DEI change?

  • Common baseline for DEI competencies

    Build company-wide fundamental level DEI competencies and shared understanding in a resource-wise and accessible way
  • Develop your inclusion skills

    Acquire tools to begin developing your fundamental level inclusion skills in everyday work environment
  • High-quality learning solution

    The course is tailored for the Finnish and Nordic context and includes latest insight and research-backed instructional strategies 
  • Crafted by DEI and pedagogy experts

    We employ a variety of pedagogical principles and interactive methods to elevate the learning experience and facilitate the practical application of knowledge

Maximize the learning through a customized course to your needs

The course content can also be customized to match the context and needs of your organization. at an additional price. We're happy to tell you more if you're interested!
Course Authors

Meet our core team

Priyanka Banerjee

Partner & DEI Consultant
Priyanka is an experienced DEI consultant. She works closely with companies to kick-start and advance their DEI journey by helping them with their DEI survey, analysis, strategy development, learning development, facilitation and consulting. 

Iina Salminen

Founding Partner & DEI Consultant
Our Founding Partner Iina is a DEI & communications specialist with extensive experience in strategic DEI and inclusive communications and marketing. She’s at her best when combining societal insight with everyday business realities.